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Sweetheart Bakery – Cake service

Sweetheart Bakery – Cake service

The Sweetheart Bakery is conveniently located within Brian Bell Gordons Plaza and boasts a range of delectable goodies from cakes to breads and pastries that will simply delight your appetite. Their famous black forest cakes are now readily available if you need to satisfy your cravings.

The convenience cannot be understated, shopping at Brian Bell Gordons Plaza now gives you a versatile shopping experience enabling you to also collect some fresh baked bread or buns for your family’s evening tea or breakfast.

The comfy sitting area gives you a great lunch spot for you and your workmates to grab a quick bite during your break. It’s a cozy French diner setting where you can briefly escape, before getting on with your day.

Sweetheart Bakery also prides itself on the range of cakes that you can order from, and none is more famous than the Black Forest Cake that many customers have grown to love and have become a mainstay in your family’s birthday events. You can order and collect from the Sweetheart Bakery at Brian Bell Gordons Plaza.

So, the next time you are shopping at Brian Bell Gordons Plaza, pay a visit to Sweetheart Bakery and try out their menu of savoury pastries and baked goods. Also, if you have a birthday coming up, see their range of cakes and order now.