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The Best Furniture at Brian Bell Homecentres!

The Best Furniture at Brian Bell Homecentres!

Do you need a new sofa set? Does your current mattress provide you with more backache than comfort? See our Brian Bell Homecentre at Gordons Plaza now and check out the diverse range of furniture in stock so you can replace your furniture today!

Found on the 2nd level of the Gordons Plaza, the Brian Bell Homecentres Furniture Department boasts the best range from office to home furniture, with a variety available for you to select from. The massive showroom houses upholstered and leather furniture for both indoor and outdoor settings and gives you a display of how you can set the furniture in your home.
Within the furniture range, we have recliners available, perfect for you to rest on after a long day of work or from the regular stresses of the day. Recliners are fantastic and among many benefits, there are 2 that stand out:

1. It provides excellent Lumbar Support – its therapeutic lumbar support gives proper spinal cord alignment, promotion of proper posture and reduced risk of injury.

2. Helps with stress relief – this is a comfortable refuge to rest and recline on. Whether it’s emotional, mental, or physical stress, lounging from recliners helps blood circulation and gives your body the much-needed relief it deserves.

So, drop by the Gordons Plaza and check out the range of furniture available at the Furniture department within the Brian Bell Homecentre. The Brian Bell Homecentre team are ready to assist and make your shopping experience the best!