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Visit Juice Bar

Visit Juice Bar

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘health is wealth’ and If one of your resolutions for 2023 is to make healthier food choices with what you put into your body to assist you’re your workouts, check out the menu for the workout smoothies at the Juice Bar at Gordons Plaza.

Pre and post workout smoothies are a great way to start and end your workout sessions. A couple of these smoothies include The Energizer. It’s the perfect pre-workout smoothie to get you ready before your physical activities. It has of Almond Milk, Banana, Cinnamon, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate whey powder.

The 2nd is a post-workout smoothie called the ‘Whey of Life’ and it’s made from Banana, mixed berries, oats, water, vanilla whey powder and yoghurt. A delicious way to restore good nutrients and assist your progress before and after your workout.

Both smoothies are made with whey powder which is a great supplement that provides much needed proteins and amino acids that are either needed before your workout or lost during your fitness sessions or classes, and helps your body recover for the next session.

Visit the Juice Bar at Gordons Plaza before and after your workout session now and make a healthier choice by having a great smoothie.